Our Team

Professional Medical Associates 
–David N. Rhyne, M. D.
–Beverly Jordan, M. D.
–William A. (Andy) Gammill, D. O.

Enterprise Medical Clinic 
–Monty C. Peden, M. D.
–Jamie M. Bludsworth, DO
–William E. Reynolds, Jr., M. D.
–G. Alan Young, M. D.

Southern Clinic
–Carlos S. Clark, M.D., M.B.A.

Administrator – Wes Averett
Assistant Administrator – Pat Glazier
Medical Director – Dr. David Rhyne
Director of Nursing – Mary Cooper
Assistant DON – Rona Cassel Misty Miller-Moguel and Michaela Ford
Director of Rehabilitation – Sherry Himes
Director of Food Services – Leona Siler
Controller – Judy Farris
Admissions – Linda Killingsworth
Business Office – Pam Jones and Tami Nichols
Social Services Director – Linsley Dale
Activities Director – Janet Armstrong
Housekeeping/Laundry – Craige Florence
Maintenance Director – Wade Rendelman
HR Director – Kaye Parrish
Care Plan Department – Jennifer Beranek